Subsea Docking Station

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd (Kawasaki) has received an order from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science Technology (JAMSTEC) to carry out dock tests and sea trials using the Deep-sea Storage Terminal System produced by Kawasaki in 2020. The project was ordered under the theme of “Innovative Technology for Exploration of Deep-Sea Resources” initiative of the Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) led by the Japanese government. The movie is the scene of a sea trial carried out at Okinawa prefecture in Japan in October 2020. The movie was provided by JAMSTEC.

Video proprietary – SIP/JAMSTEC

Kawasaki designed and produced the Deep-sea Storage Terminal System, conducted on-shore and seawater tests, and delivered it to JAMSTEC in March of 2020. The picture is actual scene of a seawater test.

More information:

Kawasaki has experiences regarding development of Subsea Docking Station which can allow deep-sea recharging and high speed communication to extend deployment of AUVs in subsea.

Subsea Docking Station has non-contact recharging system and high speed communication system. And, Kawasaki has two types of Subsea Docking Station,  towing type, and subsea installation type.

In combination with AUV, reduction of launch and recovery operation and long-time duration in subsea leads to reduction of operating cost, and mitigation of HSE risk during subsea operation.