Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) “SPICE”

Kawasaki has been developing state-of-the-art underwater technologies, and employing specialist know-how, it is now developing leading key technologies for AUV operation. The offshore oil & gas industry is targeted as the initial market, in particular, maintenance work of subsea pipelines laid on the seabed.

“SPICE” (Subsea Precise Inspector with Close Eyes) is AUV system including subsea docking station, developed by Kawasaki. SPICE is now focused on long distance pipeline inspection jobs..

SPICE has a Robot Arm which can realize several closed inspections of pipeline, and non-contact recharging system and high data rate transfer system in underwater. In combination with subsea docking station, SPICE can continue own operation without frequent launch and recovery.

SPICE contributes to reduction of operating cost, and mitigation of HSE risk during subsea inspection.

SPICE can be utilized not only in oil & gas field but also other fields such as renewable energy.