Kawasaki Successfully Completes Joint Offshore Verification Test with TotalEnergies for Measurement of Electrical Potential of Subsea Pipelines Using an AUV

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced the successful completion of its joint offshore verification test with French energy supermajor TotalEnergies measuring the electrical potential of subsea pipelines during close-range inspections using an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). The test was conducted off Awaji Island (Hyogo Prefecture, Japan)

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Subsea Expo 2022

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We joined face to face event, Subsea Expo 2022 as an exhibitor

We had come back to the exhibition, Subsea Expo 2022 as an exhibitor which was a great success. 

Many thanks for all visiting Kawasaki’s booth, we were so happy because it was for the first time to meet face to face after COVID-19 occurred and explain SPICE-AUV, discuss matters with customers, suppliers and all participants in person, repeatedly much appreciated.

Hope Kawasaki is going to be a leading company who provides SPICE-AUV devices with the latest technologies.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle “SPICE” selected as Kawasaki-brand Green Products 2021.

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“Kawasaki-brand Green Products” are systems that examines in-house products that are particularly environmentally friendly in compliance with ISO14021 and announces them to the outside. It started in 2014, and this is the 8th year.

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. has announced its receipt of an order by Modus Subsea Services Limited (MODUS) in UK for an AUV called SPICE

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SPICE, World’s First AUV with Robot Arm for Subsea Pipeline Inspections

SPICE (Subsea Precise Inspector with Close Eyes) is the world’s first AUV equipped with a robot arm for performing subsea pipeline inspections, developed based on a fusion of submarine-related technologies and industrial robot technologies fostered at Kawasaki over many years. SPICE will be used for operations in the North Sea and other sea areas around the world after delivery to MODUS in 2021.

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. have released a promotion movie which explains the latest Kawasaki’s AUV “SPICE” development at “Kawasaki Stories” – “DEEP OCEAN”

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Kawasaki strongly believe the possibility that Kawasaki’s AUV “SPICE” will work for subsea pipeline inspection and maintenance, swimming autonomously in the deep ocean.

Kawasaki have proposed the unmanned, autonomous ability and potentiality through the continuous development of SPICE.

Changing forward –  DEEP OCEAN

Short video – SPICE ver.

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Other contents of “Kawasaki Stories”


Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. have released the article Kawasaki’s AUV on their website Autonomous Inspections and Maintenance at Oil Field Facilities Located in Subsea

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As the development of subsea oil fields continues, the efficiency with which the inspection and maintenance of subsea pipelines is becoming one of the major challenging issue.

Kawasaki have been the global pioneer in the development of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and in order to resolve the challenge, Kawasaki have a plan of the commercial launch of new AUV in 2021, which provides lower CO2 emissions and propose reduced operation costs.

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. has successfully verified the Close-range Subsea Pipeline Inspection by Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. has been developing an AUV, SPICE (Subsea Precise Inspector with Close Eyes), equipped with a robot arm —the world’s first—based on a fusion of underwater vehicle technologies and industrial robot technologies and successfully completed verification tests for the close-range inspection process of a subsea of the coast of Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. The picture is actual scene of the sea trial.”

More information: https://global.kawasaki.com/en/corp/newsroom/news/detail/?f=20200715_8265

Our Situation in Coronavirus, and AUV R&D status

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Dear all,

I hope you are well under the difficult situation.
Kawasaki Subsea (UK) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Japan are no exception.

1. Company members situation
Today, Kawasaki Subsea (UK) Limited are in teleworking. We are utilizing some tools like Microsoft Teams, Skype Business, E mail for communication. Please feel free to contact to Minehiko Mukaida, Managing Director as below email address. If necessary, we can see by using video conference system. E Mail to: m.mukaida@khisubsea.co.uk

2. AUV R&D status
Currently Kawasaki Kobe office including Kobe factory are still “open” and continuing development of our AUV “SPICE (Subsea Precise Inspector with Close Eyes)” . Finally, as the news please just refer to CG movie on the website. And we would like also to update the scene of our sea trial in the website soon.

Exhibition at Subsea Expo

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Kawasaki aims to provide state-of-the-art AUV for the subsea industries based on various  trials and new technologies developed mainly in Japan, partly in Scotland.

We exhibited at Subsea Expo 2020, the world’s leading Subsea Exhibition and Conference organised by Subsea UK.

Thanks to many visitors at the Kawasaki booth, this show was a great opportunity for us to meet new prospects and create good relationships with our customers and suppliers from across the globe.

Kawasaki Establishes New UK Subsidiary to Produce Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)

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Feb. 01, 2019

Tokyo, February 1, 2019-Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. today announced the launch in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, of Kawasaki Subsea (UK) Limited, its new subsidiary specializing in the production, sale, and post-sale servicing of AUVs.

With a focus on the growing demand for pipeline maintenance in offshore oil and gas fields, Kawasaki has been developing an AUV equipped with a robot arm for performing subsea pipeline inspections-the world’s first-based on a fusion of submarine technologies and industrial robot technologies fostered in-house over many years.

Kawasaki plans to launch the AUV in fiscal 2020. Prior to that, the company intends to increase its market presence and construct a business network through the new company, which is strategically located in Aberdeen-a hub city for North Sea oil and gas businesses.

Scotland is a global leader in offshore development, innovating subsea technologies for offshore oil and gas development. Following the establishment of this local subsidiary of the company, Scottish Economy Secretary Mr. Derek Mackay stated “I am delighted to welcome Kawasaki Heavy Industries who set up an office in Aberdeen. There have been a number of joint subsea projects between Scotland and Japan, and I am confident that Kawasaki Heavy Industries will play a leading role in this two-nation relationship in the subsea industry,” expressing his strong expectations for Kawasaki’s AUVs.

As further growth is expected in the AUV market, Kawasaki will aggressively pursue business expansion in this sector by developing high-quality, high-performance products, improving levels of customer satisfaction for its post-sale services, and enhancing customer engagement. Kawasaki also intends to launch operations and maintenance services businesses using AUVs in the future, and to apply the AUV to areas other than pipeline inspections.